Tuesday, September 21, 2010

laurel denise necklace

18" necklace. Sterling silver. Etched words on Leather.

Choose from: seek, hope, dream, peace, love, or truth.

Laurel Smith, owner & designer of Laurel Denise, has been designing jewelry since March 2005. Originally from Charlottesville, VA, and a graduate in studio art from James Madison University in 2003, Laurel has returned to live and work in Charlottesville, VA after spending a few years just outside of New York City.

Before making the move to creating full time, Laurel worked a 9-5 job in Washington, DC. It was during this time that the creative vision behind Laurel Denise came to her - through a dream. In this dream, Laurel was using tools and materials that were unfamiliar to create the beautiful glass pieces featuring her handwriting or original illustrations that have become her signature style.

With the idea of accessorizing an accessory, Laurel designs gifts and jewelry that feature her detailed illustrations and handwriting merged with transparent glass.